~LD series

The LD’s have been selected from the well-loved (to recycling point) Concise English Dictionary. This small collection of 21 have been cherry-picked especially for Lily & Dot‘s retail shop in Hobart, and paired with our fancy new swing tags*.

Each selected word column is preserved by a protective sleeve and completed with dwarvish twine.
A header word is tucked inside the top of each sleeve, uniquely naming each bookmark.

Dictionary: Concise English Dictionary
Publication Year: 1990
Publisher: Peter Harrap
Printed in Israel

Exclusive to Lily & Dot‘s retail shop, the LD series:

Unique Identifier Header Word
LD01 Cruciferous
LD02 Curio
LD03 Cutlet
LD04 Differentiate
LD05 Diminutive
LD06 Drake
LD07 Illuminator
LD08 Love-bird
LD09 Luminous
LD10 Mosaic
LD11 Never
LD12 Portfolio
LD13 Pond
LD14 Ruthful
LD15 Sagacity
LD16 Salutation
LD17 Immersion
LD18 Scriptorium
LD19 Seal
LD20 Shovel
LD21 Croaker

* Our swing tags are 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard and were printed by the wonderful folk at Print Together. Also great as a secondary bookmark, they almost make it a 2 for 1 kind of deal.

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