~ 16s series

The 16s were picked from a well loved copy of the Concise English Dictionary. Found at a garage sale in Howrah, this tired paperback was missing half of its cover and more than a few pages . But the engaging word selection and age-discoloured paper prompted the first Found Words collection.

Each selected word column is protected by an archival sleeve and completed with dwarvish twine (optional upgrade to leather cord or black ribbon).
A header word is tucked inside the top of each sleeve, uniquely naming each bookmark.
Visit foundwordscollection on IG for word features from this series.

Dictionary: Concise English Dictionary
Publication Year: 1990
Publisher: Peter Harrap
Printed in Israel

16-035 Constellation 16-013 Joke
16-034 Contemporaneous 16-012 Lighthouse
16-043 Contemporaneously 16-011 Lingo
16-033 Contradistinguish 16-010 Mesmerist
16-032 Conversation 16-009 Mettlesome
16-031 Copernican 16-008 Mullet
16-030 Craftiness 16-006 Neap-tide
16-029 Creed 16-007 Negus
16-028 Daltonism 16-045 Numismatics
16-027 Datum 16-041 Oolite
16-025 Debauched 16-042 Optative
16-026 Declaration 16-005 Pachydermatous
16-024 Dendriform 16-004 Pandect
16-022 Echinus 16-003 Quinquennium
16-023 Enchantment 16-002 Roaring
16-021 Hereinafter 16-001 Romp
16-020 Hinny 16-048 Roundabout
16-019 Hocus 16-050 Ruga
16-051 Homeward 16-044 Scandent
16-018 Intelligencer 16-049 Shipwright
16-016 Interlard 16-040 Sibyl
16-014 Interleave 16-036 Signification
16-017 Interstellar 16-037 Sinciput
16-047 Invar 16-038 Sitting-room
16-046 Inveteracy 16-039 Skull
16-015 Jerked

Available unless struck through.
Choose from a loop of dwarvish twine, leather cord or black ribbon.
Free postage within Australia.

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