profileHi, I’m Katie K and I love a good word.

Long fascinated by the usage and visual beauty of individual words, and the relationships and associations we have with them, Found Words indulges my enthusiasm via occasional posts about words that have nodded to me in passing.


There’s also my Found Words Collection; a range of bookmarks that are highly portable word-fixes for the word lover.
Each preserved dictionary column is handpicked for words with a sense of history, quirk, fun, beauty, and/or creativity. They are all sourced from discarded and damaged vintage dictionaries found in my hometown, Hobart.

Treat yourself (or your favourite wordie) with these lovely pieces of language, not just to mark where you left off reading, but also to revisit past language use, meditate on meanings, find new old favourites, and nurture a healthy logophilia.  Happy wording!

Found Words bookmarks used to be available for purchase from my Small Shelves pop-ups at markets around Hobart and Lily & Dot’s gorgeous store in Hobart’s Midtown. However these days I’m not popping up anywhere around Hobart so if you are a fellow wordie, just get in touch and share a word that you’ve connected with recently and why – and I’ll happily post a couple of bookmarks out to you at no cost.

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