~16c series

16c’s are the third collection from the over-read Concise English Dictionary. This collection of 26 are an expansion of the 16’s series and have been paired with our new swing tags*.
Launched this afternoon at The Market at Franklin’s Twilight Christmas event, each selected word column is preserved by a protective sleeve and completed with dwarvish twine (optional upgrade to leather cord or black ribbon).
A header word is tucked inside the top of each sleeve, uniquely naming each bookmark.

Dictionary: Concise English Dictionary
Publication Year: 1990
Publisher: Peter Harrap
Printed in Israel

Available via Etsy or Small Shelves, the 16c series:

Unique Identifier Header Word
16c-1 Deliverance
16c-2 Deponent
16c-3 Differently
16c-4 Dissolve
16c-5 Distributive
16c-6 Divot
16c-7 Dolphin
16c-8 Doubter
16c-9 Helmet
16c-10 Hockey
16c-11 Knobkerrie
16c-12 Laconism
16c-13 Macabre /Make
16c-14 Magnesia
16c-15 Mopish
16c-16 Muscovite
16c-17 Ninthly
16c-18 Objectionable
16c-19 Palaeozoic
16c-20 Palanquin
16c-21 Quasi
16c-22 Rigid
16c-23 Scandalously
16c-24 Shove/Sheet-anchor
16c-25 Scholarly
16c-26 Saucer

* Our swing tags are 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard and were printed by the  folk at Print Together. Also perfect on its own as a smaller secondary bookmark.

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