~ce17 series


The fourth Found Words collection presents forty-four selected word columns from my preferred broken old dictionary of choice; the Concise English Dictionary. These columns are protected in slightly larger sleeves (22.5cm x 6.5cm) than our previous bookmarks, and paired with their identifying swing tag.
The larger sleeves allow the header words that uniquely name each bookmark, to remain attached to its word column rather than trimmed off and tucked inside its sleeve.

Dictionary: Concise English Dictionary
Publication Year: 1990
Publisher: Peter Harrap
Printed in: Israel

Available via Small Shelves, the CE17 series:

Unique Id Header Unique Id Header
CE095 effendi CE117 gradient
CE096 elaborate CE118 graphically
CE097 entrain CE119 guarded
CE098 epiphany CE120 gustatory
CE099 equivalent CE121 hard-headed
CE100 esculent CE122 overalls
CE101 ever CE123 paradigm
CE102 excerpt CE124 pease*
CE103 exotic CE125 pell*
CE104 exploit CE126 performer
CE105 exuviate CE127 perpendicularly*
CE106 feint CE128 phantasy*
CE107 ferry CE129 phosphorize*
CE108 field CE130 picnic*
CE109 fillip CE131 pilule*
CE110 flaggy CE132 pismire*
CE111 flea-bite CE133 port-hole*
CE112 flock-paper CE134 postulate
CE113 fluor-spar CE135 provoking
CE114 follow CE136 puff
CE115 fortnightly CE137 radical
CE116 fractionize CE138 recipe

*9 of the P words in this collection are a no-frills, streamlined version of their former selves (now minus their hangholes and twined flutterances). In a climate of stalactites at the Market@Franklin last weekend, after they hit the deck in bulk, some cracking of corners occurred. Trimmed up, I like their simplicity and I hope their new word loving owners will too.

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