greige, adj.


This one was my favourite word from Macquarie Dictionary’s shortlist for Word of the Year. Granted greige is a little light on meaning (as well as colour) when compared to the winners, runners up and other contenders but there is plenty of room to move and groove in that definition. And it’s a delight to enunciate.

I confess to some discomfort with the winner, fake news, for what it represents and because compounds mess with my sense of linguistic order. The concept that two separate words can be named Word of the Year always jars a little for me 🙂 ….and yet I adjusted quickly to the use of emoticons and emoji in writing. 

I agreed with the judges special mention of enby; an excellent word in form, an interestingly short etymology, pleasant on the tongue, and an encouragement to think further about mainstream societal labels.

Mac’s  long list is worth the browse if you haven’t already. I’d love to hear about your favourites.

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